Wayne Couzens Biography, Age, Career and Crime

Wayne Couzens Biography

Wayne Couzens is a British metropolitan police officer. He was an Army Reserves for two years from 2002. Wayne Couzens was born in 1973 in Dover, Kent, South East England

Wayne Couzens Profile


Wayne Couzens

Real Name

Wayne Couzens

Date of Birth



48 Years (2021)

State of Origin



United Kingdom




Law Enforcement Agent

Net Worth

Under Review


March 3, 2021


Wayne Couzens career

Wayne Couzens worked as a light-vehicle body repair technician at his family’s garage business BCB Dover in 1990. He moved to joined the Civil Nuclear Constabulary and worked at the Dungeness Nuclear Power station in Kent in 2015

Wayne Couzens was an Army Reserves for two years from 2002. He join the metropolitan police.

In 2008, Wayne Couzens worked as a traffic officer with Kent Police in Folkestone

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In 2018, Wayne Couzens was transferred to the metropolitan police in South London. He was also given a firearm and Metropolitan Police Service warrant card.

In February 2021, Couzens exposed himself in front of a woman in a restaurant. Despite complaint Couzens continued to work with the metropolitan police.

He is a member of the elite Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection squad.

Wayne Couzens Crimes and Confession

Wayne Couzens admits to kidnapping and raping Sarah Everard

On March 3, 2021, Wayne Couzens was alleged to have kidnapped, raped and murdered Sarah Everard. He dumped her body at woodland near Ashford, Kent.

Wayne Couzens was arrested by the police and charged with the murder of Sarah Everard on March 12, 2021.

On 8 June 2021, Wayne Couzens pleaded guilty on the account of kidnapping and raping of Sarah Everard. Though he admitted being responsible for the death of Sarah Everard, he pleaded not guilty to the charge of murder.

Personal life

Wayne Couzens wife

Wayne Couzens is married to a Ukrainian woman with two children

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