Sit Kwong Lam Biography, Age, Business and Net Worth

Sit Kwong Lam Biography

Sit Kwong Lam is a Hong Kong Businessman and industrialist. He is the founder and Chairman of Brightoil Petroleum Holdings Ltd. Sit Kwong Lam was born in 1968 in Hong Kong.

Sit Kwong Lam Profile


Sit Kwong Lam

Real Name

Sit Kwong Lam

Date of Birth



53 years (2021)

State of Origin

Hong Kong








Net Worth

$1.31 Billion.

Educational Background

Sit Kwong Lam Education

Sit Kwong Lam attended Nanjing University. He holds a doctorate degree in philosophy from Nanjing University.

Career and Business

Sit Kwong Lam Business

Sit Kwong Lam is a self made Hong Kong businessman and industrialist. His business spreads across oil and transportation.

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Sit Kwong Lam is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and chairman of Brightoil Petroleum Holdings, a Hong Kong-listed oil trading and oil storage firm as well as its engagement in oil and gas exploration and exploitation.

Sit Kwong Lam is a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conferenece, and the Vice President of the China Chamber of Commerce for Petroleum Industry.

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He is also a standing committee member of the United National Chinese Youth Association and the director of Energy Empire Investments Limited and Canada Foundation Limited, both substantial shareholders in Brightoil.

In 2019, Sit Kwong Lam stepped down as the CEO of Brightoil Petroleum Holdings after he lost a bankruptcy ruling by a Hong Kong court.

Sit Kwong Lam Net Worth

Sit Kwong Lam Net Worth

Sit Kwong Lam is one of the richest people in Hong Kong. He is estimated to worth $1.31 billion by Forbes.

Personal Life

Sit Kwong Lam is married with children


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