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Top 10 Richest men in Africa 2020 and their net worth

Africa is blessed with a lot of natural resources and fertile land for agriculture. The wealth of the richest men in Africa is calculated based on their assets and investments across Africa. Nigeria’s Aliko Dangote is the richest man in Africa. The list is made up of Africans, who reside in Africa and have their […]

Top 10 Richest men in Nigerian 2020 and their Net Worth

According to recent Forbes listing of the richest men in Nigeria, Aliko Dangote is the richest man in Nigeria. The list is made up of mostly businessmen who has their businesses and investment across Nigeria and Africa. The assessment of the list of richest men in Nigeria, is based on Forbes assessment of wealth and […]

Top 10 richest men in the world 2020 and their net worth

The wealth accumulation of the top ten richest people in the world 2020 is $839.8 billion. America has a sizable number of the richest people in the world. According to Forbes, Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world. The list is made up of seven American, one French, one Mexican, one […]

Top 10 Most Searched footballers in Nigeria 2019

2019 was a very interesting year with a lot of trends in the sports sphere. There were a lot of search on google and other search engines with respect to sports personalities in 2019. According to google trends Neymar Jr. Is the most searched sports personality in 2019. Late Emiliano Sala, David Luiz and so […]

Top 10 most warring country in Africa

Many countries in world encounter series of challenges ranging from revolutions, terrorist attacks, civil wars, communal clashes and so on. Africa is also not left out in some of these crisis that disrupts peace in most countries. Today contents101 will highlight top 10 most warring countries Africa. According to the Global Peace Index, these are […]

Top 10 most peaceful countries in Africa

Despite the fact that people say that there is no peaceful country, Some countries tend to me more peaceful than others. Considering safety and security, domestic and international conflict and degree of militarization Global Peace index ranked countries like Botswana, Ghana, Zambia and so in amongst the top ten most peaceful countries in Africa. Here […]

Top 5 YouTube Channels in Nigeria

YouTube is an American video sharing platform. It has its headquarters in San Bruno, California. Today Nigerian entertainment industry ranging from musicians to movie producers, comedians and video vixens as well as churches utilize YouTube as a medium to share their music videos. Here are top five YouTube channels in Niger. 1. Mark and Angel […]

Most Visited websites in Nigeria

A website is an online store, office or portfolio of any brand irrespective of the services or business they offers. Running a website is not an easy one at all because you may need a lot of investments and strategies to boost the website presence online. Also website management is not a joke, you need […]

Top 10 Nigerian celebrities on Twitter 2020

In 2019, Twitter boss Jack Dorsey visited Nigeria to meet with some key personnel in Nigeria and other African countries. After Dorsey’s visit he said he would be relocating to Africa in 2020 to explore the opportunities and potential in Africa You cannot talk of social media without making mention of twitter. Many Nigerian celebrities […]

Top 5 Music Download sites in Nigeria

Music, they say is life and a food to the soul. Many people love music most especially good music and we listen to music for so many reasons like celebration, ceremonies, meditation and a lot more and trust me we Nigerians are not left out in among the people that loves music we are die-hard […]