NDDC: Everything you need to know

The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) is a Nigerian government agency with the primary objective of developing the oil producing states in Nigeria. NDDC was established by President Olusegun Obasanjo in the year 2000. The Headquarters of NDDC is situated in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

NDDC was established following outcry by ethnic minorities mostly the Ogoni and Ijaw demanding control and autonomy over areas of petroleum resources. The group often attacked Nigerian government and multinationals that worked in the region justifying their grievances with extensive environmental degradation and pollution from oil activities.

In 2008, Late Umaru Musa Yar’Adua created the Niger Delta Ministry with NDDC as a parastatal under the ministry.

NDDC motto is Equity, Peace and Prosperity

NDDC website is http://www.nddc.gov.ng/

Functions of NDDC

The NDDC is charged with the following functions

  1. To formulate policies and guidelines for the development of the Niger Delta area.
  2. To develop, plan and implement in accordance with set rules and regulations, of projects and programs for sustainable development of the Niger Delta area in the field of transportation including roads, jetties and waterways, health, employment, industrialization, agriculture and fisheries, housing and urban development, water supply, electricity and telecommunications.
  3. Survey the Niger Delta in order to ascertain measures necessary to promote its physical and socio-economic development.
  4. Prepare master plans and schemes designed to promote the physical development of the Niger Delta region and the estimation of the member states of the Commission.
  5. Implement measures approved for the development of the Niger Delta region by the Federal Government and the states of the Commission.
  6. To identify factors inhibiting the development of the Niger Delta region and assisting the member states in the formulation and implementation of policies to ensure sound and efficient management of the resources of the Niger Delta region.
  7. To assess and report on any project being funded or carried out in the region by oil and gas companies and any other company, including non-governmental organizations, as well as ensuring that funds released for such projects are properly utilized.
  8. To tackle ecological and environmental problems that arise from the exploration of oil mineral in the Niger Delta region and advising the Federal Government and the member states on the prevention and control of oil spillages, gas flaring and environmental pollution.
  9. To liaise with the various oil mineral and gas prospecting and producing companies on all matters of pollution, prevention and control.
  10. To execute such other works and performing such other functions, which in the option of the Commission are required for the sustainable development of the Niger Delta region and its people


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