Lori Iro Trend, Meaning and Origin

‘Lori iro’ is a recent trend on Twitter and across other social media platforms. The ‘Lori Iro’ trend have gone viral on both twitter and Instagram.

Meaning of ‘Lori Iro’

Since the trend, many have wondered and searched for the meaning of the phrase ‘Lori Iro’. ‘Lori Iro’ is a Yoruba phrase which simply means ‘on top lies’. The trend have been used to highlight the lies commonly told in our society.

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Origin of ‘Lori Iro’

The ‘Lori Iro’ trend originated from a viral video of a Yoruba evangelist. The evangelist while preaching highlighted on the lies commonly told during valentine. He ended each of the phrase with ‘Lori Iro’.

‘Lori Iro’ Videos and trend

There have been a lot of ‘Lori Iro’ video which have circulated the Internet like wild fire since the trend. Here are some ‘Lori Iro’ videos and tweets




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