Bashir Tofa Biography, Age, Education, Career, Net Worth and Death

Bashir Tofa Biography

Bashir Othman Tofa was a Nigerian politician, businessman and a former member of the National Republican Convention (NRC). He was the presidential candidate of the National Republican Convention (NRC) in the 1993 general election. Bashir Tofa was born on 20 June 1947 in Kano state, Nigeria.

Bashir Tofa Profile


Bashir Tofa

Real Name

Bashir Othman Tofa

Date of Birth

June 20, 1947


74 years (2021)

State of Origin

Kano State









Net Worth

Under Review

Educational Background

Bashir Tofa Education and Career

Bashir Tofa attended Shahuci Junior Primary, Kano and City Senior Primary School in Kano between 1962 and 1966. He attended Provincial College, Kano.

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He is an alumnus of City of London College.


Bashir Tofa Net Worth

Bashir Tofa started his career with Royal Exchange Insurance company, where he worked from 1967 to 1968.

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In 1976, Bashir Tofa ventured into politics. He contested and won the councilor of Dawakin Tofa Local Government Council in 1976 and later as a member of the Constituent Assembly. During the Nigerian Second Republic in 1977.

He was the secretary of the Kano state chapter of the National Party of Nigeria (NPN) and later the National financial secretary of the party.

In 1990, Bashir Tofa joined the National Republican Convention (NRC) and in 1993 he was the president candidate of NRC in the June 1993 general election. He lost to MKO Abiola.

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Aside politics, Bashir Tofa was a businessman and industrialist. He was the chairman of International Petro-Energy Company (IPEC) and Abba Othman and Sons ltd.

Bashir Tofa was a board member of Impex Ventures, Century Merchant Bank and General Metal Products ltd.

Personal Life

Bashir Tofa Wife

Bashir Tofa was married with children. He was a Muslim of Kanuri origin.


Bashir Tofa died on 31 December 2021. He was 74 years old.


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