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Corona Virus: Is it necessary to wear face masks while driving?

With the outbreak of Covid-19 around the world including in Nigeria, a lot of people have taken measures to ensure that they and their loved ones are safe during this pandemic. One of the measures taken is wearing of face masks while driving. Some questions like do I need to wear nose mask while driving […]

Top 10 Worst Pandemic that hit the world

With the outbreak of Corona Virus, many would think that it’s the worst pandemic to ever hit the world. On the contrary, contents101 will highlight on the top 10 pandemic to ever hit the world. Diseases have been ravaging mankind as long as history can recall. Most times this diseases change the course of history. […]

Social Distancing: Everything you need to know

Since the outbreak of Corona virus pandemic, the World Health Organization(WHO) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommended social distancing as a measure to mitigate the spread of the virus. What is Social Distancing? Social distancing is a measure taken to reduce or stop the spread of contagious diseases. It is also known as physical […]

How to make Hand Sanitizer

Since the outbreak of Corona Virus, the World Health Organization(WHO) has outlined the measures to be taken to avoid getting infected with virus. WHO recommended the use of alcohol based hand sanitizer/ hand rubs regularly. However with the outbreak of Corona Virus in Nigeria, hand sanitizers are not easily available in Nigeria and are expensive […]

Biography of Bala Mohammed

Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed was born on 15th October 1958 in Duguri, Alkaleri, Bauchi State. He is a Nigerian politician and the Governor of Bauchi State. Bala Mohammed was a senator from 2007-2011 and FCT minister from 2011-2015. Educational Background Mohammed Bala attended University of Maiduguri from 1979-1982 where he graduated with a degree in English. Career […]

Corona Virus: How to properly self isolate

The Nigerian Center for Disease Control (NCDC) has recommended self isolation for a period of 14 days as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of Corona Virus in Nigeria. What is self isolation? Self isolation means staying indoors and avoiding contacts with people when you have the symptoms associated with the Covid-19. It means […]

Corona virus: Everything you need to know

Corona virus is a viral diseases that is transmitted from animals to humans. These viruses are known to cause illness ranging from cold to a more severe disease. As at January 2020, there have been an outbreak of corona virus in China. Where and when did the infection start? A seafood market in the central […]