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Social Distancing: Everything you need to know

Since the outbreak of Corona virus pandemic, the World Health Organization(WHO) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommended social distancing as a measure to mitigate the spread of the virus. What is Social Distancing? Social distancing is a measure taken to reduce or stop the spread of contagious diseases. It is also known as physical […]

How to make Hand Sanitizer

Since the outbreak of Corona Virus, the World Health Organization(WHO) has outlined the measures to be taken to avoid getting infected with virus. WHO recommended the use of alcohol based hand sanitizer/ hand rubs regularly. However with the outbreak of Corona Virus in Nigeria, hand sanitizers are not easily available in Nigeria and are expensive […]

Corona Virus: How to properly self isolate

The Nigerian Center for Disease Control (NCDC) has recommended self isolation for a period of 14 days as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of Corona Virus in Nigeria. What is self isolation? Self isolation means staying indoors and avoiding contacts with people when you have the symptoms associated with the Covid-19. It means […]

How to borrow data on 9mobile

Just like other network providers, you can borrow data on 9mobile when you run out of data and have no airtime to pay for data subscription. 9mobile MoreCredit gives 9mobile users the opportunity to borrow airtime and data when they run short of it, and pay back later. Borrowing data on 9mobile is easy using […]

How to borrow data on Airtel

Airtel users can now borrow data on Airtel when they run out of data. Airtel Extra Credit was introduced by Airtel to ensure that Airtel customers don’t run out of data even when you don’t have airtime on your phone. Airtel would charge upto 15% for every Airtel data borrowed. Airtel data available for borrow […]

How to borrow data on MTN

Have you ever run out of data browsing with MTN? MTN introduced MTN xtrabyte to help MTN users borrow data from MTN when the run out of data while surfing the internet and pay later when you recharge your phone. Aside the fact that MTN charges 10% fee on every data borrowed using MTN xtrabyte, […]

How to Borrow data from glo

Do you know that you can borrow data from glo when you run out of data. Glo introduced the BorrowMeData to ensure eligible customers to borrow data when they don’t have enough airtime to buy data when they run out of data. You can borrow a maximum of 2gb data using BorrowMeData. Other data plan […]

Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2020

Nigerian Navy is one of the largest Navy in Africa. It is a branch of the Nigerian Armed forces with thousands of personnel including Coast Guards. Nigerian Navy recruits qualified personnel through the Nigerian Navy tradesmen/tradeswomen recruitment 2020. In this article we will address the functions of the Nigerian Navy, the requirements for the Nigerian […]

How to use OPay USSD code

Opera Payment (OPay) after they got approval from the Central Bsnk of Nigeria (CBN) introduced the OPay USSD code for various online transaction. OPay USSD code just like bank USSD codes can be used to Buy airtime Send money Perform withdrawal Pay bills and many more What is OPay USSD code? OPay USSD code is […]

How to check your NIN online

All government agencies require you to input your National Identification Number (NIN) when applying for jobs, scholarship, contracts and so on. This requirement might warrant you to ask questions like What is NIN? How to get my NIN? How to check my NIN online? What is NIN? NIN is National Identification Number. It is a […]