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How to cook yam porridge

Yam pottage or porridge as it is also called, is one of the delicious meals of Nigerians. It is very easy to make and requires no much time. In about 30 minutes time, this meal can be ready to be devoured if using gas cooker. Made with basically yam and other ingredients, here, you’ll find […]

How to Achieve Flawless make up

Thinking of giving yourself that perfect make up look and you really don’t know how to do it? Relax, there’s no need to get a make up artist. With our 12-step procedure, you can make for yourself a flawless look. This will cover your face, eyes and lips as well. OK, let’s go on to […]

How to borrow data from MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile

With the internet thriving today, the value of data cannot be overemphasized as so many activities are being carried online ranging from educational, business, recreational, to information and communication avenues. It has come to the point that when you are not online, you have been shut out from the world entirely and what you basically […]

How to make Pop Corn

Popcorn is one of the most delicious snacks that requires very few ingredients and little making time. It is one of the global snacks that we got today. It is sold in street shops, eateries, cinema houses and could as well be made at home and the good thing is popcorn is not a respecter […]

How to make fundant icing

Fondant icing is one of the ways to beautify your cakes and it doesn’t cost much. It is a thick paste that can be moulded into different shapes and sizes and perfect for design. Are you a baker or do you plan on baking a cake and would need to design it? Here you’ll find […]

How to Add Weight

While being overweight can result to health challenges, on the other hand, being underweight sometimes could result to low self esteem and in extreme cases, depression especially when this is as a result of poor nutrition or ailment. Also, some peroms may just be naturally thin and may not really like this. Whatever may be […]

How to train your voice

The place of training in getting and maintaining a great voice cannot be underrated. Even the best of voices need training to remain so. It therefore follows, that in the place of getting, maintaining and enhancing your voice, there are certain things you must take note of. Here we’ve listed out some tips that are […]

How to prevent snoring

Snoring while sleeping isn’t a strange action especially among adults. It normally happens when air flows through your throat when you breathe in your sleep. This causes the relaxed tissues in your throat to vibrate and cause harsh, irritating snoring sounds. Snoring can bring about discomforts to the person and also can be a nuisance […]

How to Bake Homemade Bread

Bread is a staple in the diet of so many. It comes in various forms while people with certain health conditions have certain kinds of bread made for them. For example, diabetic patients are not allowed to eat the normal bread but they can consume wheat bread. Breads can mostly be gotten from stores. However, […]

How to register for your National Identity Card

The importance of the national ID card cannot be overemphasized as it has become a necessary requirement to getting certain things in the country, ranging from opening a bank account to qualifying for a visa. Recently, it was one of the requirements for school children who want to apply for the national JAMB exam although […]