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Top 10 most warring country in Africa

Many countries in world encounter series of challenges ranging from revolutions, terrorist attacks, civil wars, communal clashes and so on. Africa is also not left out in some of these crisis that disrupts peace in most countries. Today contents101 will highlight top 10 most warring countries Africa. According to the Global Peace Index, these are […]

Top 10 most peaceful countries in Africa

Despite the fact that people say that there is no peaceful country, Some countries tend to me more peaceful than others. Considering safety and security, domestic and international conflict and degree of militarization Global Peace index ranked countries like Botswana, Ghana, Zambia and so in amongst the top ten most peaceful countries in Africa. Here […]

Most Visited websites in Nigeria

A website is an online store, office or portfolio of any brand irrespective of the services or business they offers. Running a website is not an easy one at all because you may need a lot of investments and strategies to boost the website presence online. Also website management is not a joke, you need […]

Top 10 Nigerian celebrities on Twitter 2020

In 2019, Twitter boss Jack Dorsey visited Nigeria to meet with some key personnel in Nigeria and other African countries. After Dorsey’s visit he said he would be relocating to Africa in 2020 to explore the opportunities and potential in Africa You cannot talk of social media without making mention of twitter. Many Nigerian celebrities […]

Top 10 Highest paid Nigerian Actors and Actresses 2019

According to Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria, the following actors are listed as the most paid actors in the year 2019. These actors are ranked according to the total earnings of movies in the gross box office for West Africa (Nigeria, Ghana and Liberia) and they are : 1. Falz : According our statistics, Falz […]

Top 10 Most followed Nigerian Celebrity on Instagram

Today we will be discussing on the top ten most followed Nigerian celebrities on instagram. With the advent of internet, social media has been a remarkable way for marketing not just for businesses but also for celebrities. Instagram has been one of the most used social media of recent especially in Nigeria. Many Nigerian celebrities […]

Top 10 most developed countries in Africa

Africa is beautiful. Africa is rich natural resources and tourist centers and reserve. Though, most African countries today are referred to as either developing or under developed countries, there are African countries that have attained a certain height of development. Contents.com.ng will will highlight top 10 developed countries in Africa according to Human Development Index(HDI) […]