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Top Five Poorest States In Nigeria

Nigeria is made up of 36 states and a Federal Capital Territory. Given the manner of allocation of resources, social, political and economic conditions, not every state in Nigeria can be said to be well to do. There are some states where the poverty level of the inhabitants are at a very high scale. It […]

Top Five Microfinance Banks In Nigeria

Given the economic nature of Nigeria, you find out that most citizens instead of waiting for a ‘white collar’ job have chosen the path of entrepreneurship. However, capital has always remained an issue for many. The idea of a microfinance bank offers the solution to this problem. A microfinance bank is a bank that offers […]

Top Five Richest Female Musicians In Nigeria

The music industry in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative when looking at entertainment. And over the years, female musicians are making marks both in performance and finance. Irrespective of the challenges that may seem to accompany their musical career given their gender, most of them have been able to rise above such and […]

Top Five Richest Men In Nigeria

Irrespective of the fact that in the world’s ranking, Nigeria as a country is seen to be economically down and underdeveloped thus making her one of the Least Developed Countries, however, there are citizens of Nigeria who are very wealthy not just in the country’s ranking but also in the region, Africa and the world […]

Top 5 Spiciest food in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country with a lot of delicacies. Spicy foods is not left out in the Nigerian diets. This is because Nigerians love pepper in their food. A particular tribe in Nigeria is often times mocked for adding excess pepper in their food. The most popular peppers in Nigeria are tatashe (bell peppers), ata […]

Top 5 Richest Kids in Nigeria (2019)

Being rich is not just for adults alone, some kids have been able to make emerse wealth and popularity at a very young age. In Nigeria today some kids have defied the norm and has emerged as millionaires. Contents will highlight top five richest kids in Nigeria. 5. Emmanuella   Emmanuella Samuel popularly known as […]

Top Five Best Modeling Agencies In Nigeria And Their Contact Details

It is no news that the entertainment industry is a leading industry in Nigeria. However over the years, the issue of modeling in Nigeria has appeared lucrative especially following the winning of the Miss World by a Nigerian in 2001. Various modeling agencies are there to represent fashion models to work for the fashion industry. […]

Top Five Highest Paid Footballers In Nigeria

Over the years, Nigerian footballers have been making waves both nationally and internationally. It therefore follows that the sport which in early years was viewed as a thing for academically dull people has now become a sport that most youths are eager to involve in. This is so because of the money that most footballers […]

Top Five Richest Bloggers In Nigeria

It will interest you to know that blogging in Nigeria has come to be a lucrative business. Some bloggers worth comes in billions and millions. Here is a list of the top five richest bloggers in Nigeria : 1. Linda Ikeji:   This is the richest blogger in Nigeria and also in Africa. She’s a […]

Top Five Nigerian Celebrities That Look Alike

In Nigerian entertainment industry, there are celebrities even though they are not related but they could pose as twin. Having a double ganger or someone people may refer to as your twin because of the similarities is rare. A times you might want to carryout a DNA test to confirm the duo are not related […]