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UBA Cardless withdrawal: How to withdraw without ATM Card

The United Bank for Africa (UBA) Cardless withdrawal enables UBA customers to withdraw money from the ATM without any ATM card. However most people are used to slotting in their cards to carry out various transactions at the ATM machine Despite the fact that many seem surprised when they see someone withdraw from the ATM […]

Zenith Bank Cardless Withdrawal: How to get cash from the ATM

When you talk of withdrawing money from the ATM without your ATM card, Zenith Bank is not left out. Zenith Bank Cardless withdrawal works for Quickteller enabled card (All Zenith Bank ATM Cards are Quickteller enabled). Zenith Bank Cardless withdrawal enables Zenith Bank customers to withdraw money from the ATM without their ATM cards. Zenith […]

Wema Bank Cardless withdrawal: How to get cash from the ATM

Wema Bank customers can easily withdraw cash from any ATM machine without the ATM card. How can a Wema Bank customer withdraw money from the ATM without the ATM card? You can withdraw money from your Wema bank account without an ATM card using the Wema Bank USSD Transfer Code and the Wema Bank ALAT […]

How to withdraw money from the ATM without ATM card

Have you ever gone to an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and see card-less withdrawal? You might wonder how cardless withdraw works. Cardless withdrawal enables you withdraw money from an ATM machine without your ATM card. At the moment GT Bank, Wema Bank, UBA, Union Bank, Fidelity Bank and Zenith Bank offers cardless withdrawal service for […]

How to apply for Google Adsense

Most people sometimes thinks that they can start earning from their blogging sites once they have created. However, that’s not true, because you can’t just earning immediately from the blog without going through the necessary process of monetizing the site first. As a new blogger, you need to apply for Google Adsense on your blog […]

How to avoid feeling sleepy while driving

It’s another festive period, there will be a lot of activities and a lot of cars on the road. However, while you are driving around this season ensure you take measures to ensure you do not sleep off while driving. Contents101 will provide you with the tips to avoid sleeping off while driving. Driving at […]

How to use and fund perfect money

Perfect Money is a payment platform which allows you  to send and receive payment online using bank wire . Perfect Money also allows you to switch on the notification function about transfer requests and account funding via SMS or email. You can send a bank wire from any country in the world except for Iran, […]

How To Get Loan Without Collateral In Nigeria

If you are a businessmen or intend to venture into a business, you might need a loan to make due for the shortages in the capital needed for your business. Which boils down to this question; • How can I get a loan without collateral in Nigeria? • Which financial institutions can give loan without […]