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How to cook Nigerian Jollof Rice, ingredients and Method

Nigerian jollof rice is a common sweet delicacy in Nigeria and almost loved by anyone who tastes it. This delicacy is generally popular because of it’s usage in Nigerian parties and ceremony. Today, I will be teaching you how to cook a very tasty Nigerian jollof rice; Ingredient for cooking Jollof Rice • Some cups […]

How to cook Ofada stew, ingredients and method

The ofada stew is a native Nigerian stew commonly eaten by the Yoruba but nowadays some other tribes have adapted in taking the delicacy most especially people within Lagos and it’s environments. It may also interest you to know that they also have ofada rice but is not as polish as normal parboiled foreign grain. […]

How to cook Rice and Beans, ingredients and Method

If you are among the type that does not like taking beans porridge and knowing how important that beans is to the body as it is needed for your growth. I will personally advice you to maybe try taking the beans with some else like mixing it with rice as jollof or grinding the beans […]

How to Cook Melon soup, ingredients and methods

Ofe egwusi generally known as melon soup is one of the most enjoyable soup in Nigeria especially by the Igbo tribe. The Egwusi soup when cooked well is very sweet and tasty and today I will be teaching you the two great methods that you can use to cook melon soup, you will be needing […]

How to Cook Fried Rice, ingredients and methods

In Nigeria , we all know that the food called fried rice is a very special meal is not something we cook everyday like any other common food, this delicacy is always specially reserved for events like birthday and wedding parties, occasions and ceremonies. And again this fried rice is well or best enjoyed when […]

How to Check WAEC Result 2019

  On Friday, the 26th of July 2019, the West African Examination Council released the May/June 2019 results.  The waec’s head of Nigeria National office, Mr Olu Adenipekun disclosed that the results of 1,468, 071 candidates ,representing 92.32 per cent of candidate that sat for the examination were fully processed; while 122,102 representing 7.68 per […]

8 Ways to Buy Cheap Used Cars in Nigeria

Cars are very important assets and necessity that we human needs as it helps us solve many issuses that requires running down in order to get it done and solved. Although,getting a brand new car might be very expensive, one can still go for a cheap used cars instead and they are not bad afterall.Here […]

How to clear E16 Error on DSTV

Nigeria has been providing power packed 24 hours entertainnent to Nigerians as far back as 1994. Currently, the company has over 8 millions subscribers and customers dispersed all over the 36 states of the country. There are numerous affordable and eye catching packages available on the DSTV platforms. DSTV packages include compact family, premium, compact […]

DSTV Remote Control: How to get a replacement

It is not doubt and no argument that DSTV is leading satellite television service provider and has the highest number of clients and subscribers among others providing similar services in Africa, with over 8 million subscribers;  Nigeria and South Africa being the highest. Are you one of their customers or subscribers? Did you misplaced your […]

How to burn down excess fat in the body

Most times, a lot of people accumulate a lot of excess fat in their body system without them knowing the implications and dangers of such fats in the body.  These excess fats tend to cause so many health issues and diseases. Excess fat can also make one to loose fit and shape and also make […]