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How To Start Ice Block Making Business

There are several businesses one could venture into in Nigeria. One of such business is ice block business. There is a high demand for chilled water and drinks in Nigeria due to the hot temperature. However, power failure in Nigeria has prompted the need to use ice block as an alternative source to chill water […]

7 Things You Must Not Mention On Your CV

In Nigeria today, the labour market is flooded with unemployed graduates. The population of unemployed graduates is increasing every year making employment more competitive. A times we miss our opportunity of being employed because we write irrelevant qualifications and skills in our CV. Its funny that most job applicants write these skills not knowing it […]

How To Transfer Airtime On MTN, Glo, Airtel And 9mobile

It’s easy to show love to your loved ones and friends in need right from where you are by transferring airtime to them. However on this, you can only transfer to networks that you also make use of. For example, MTN to MTN, Glo to Glo. And also, transfers can be made from as low […]

How To Transfer Data On MTN, Glo, Airtel And 9mobile

  Just the same way airtime can be transferred within same networks, the same is obtainable with data transfer. Here is how to transfer data to friends and loved ones using same network as yours. How to transfer data on MTN : To transfer Data in Megabyte data (MB) from One MTN sim to another. Ensure […]

How to Grow Long Hair

When you see a lady with natural long hairs what first comes to your mind. While some are born with long hair, others follow a day to day routine to grow their hair. In this article I will be listing 10 routines that one can practice in other to grow natural long hairs. 1. Get frequent […]