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How to make Hand Sanitizer

Since the outbreak of Corona Virus, the World Health Organization(WHO) has outlined the measures to be taken to avoid getting infected with virus. WHO recommended the use of alcohol based hand sanitizer/ hand rubs regularly. However with the outbreak of Corona Virus in Nigeria, hand sanitizers are not easily available in Nigeria and are expensive […]

How to borrow data on MTN

Have you ever run out of data browsing with MTN? MTN introduced MTN xtrabyte to help MTN users borrow data from MTN when the run out of data while surfing the internet and pay later when you recharge your phone. Aside the fact that MTN charges 10% fee on every data borrowed using MTN xtrabyte, […]

How to Borrow data from glo

Do you know that you can borrow data from glo when you run out of data. Glo introduced the BorrowMeData to ensure eligible customers to borrow data when they don’t have enough airtime to buy data when they run out of data. You can borrow a maximum of 2gb data using BorrowMeData. Other data plan […]

How to check your NIN online

All government agencies require you to input your National Identification Number (NIN) when applying for jobs, scholarship, contracts and so on. This requirement might warrant you to ask questions like What is NIN? How to get my NIN? How to check my NIN online? What is NIN? NIN is National Identification Number. It is a […]

Wema Bank Cardless withdrawal: How to get cash from the ATM

Wema Bank customers can easily withdraw cash from any ATM machine without the ATM card. How can a Wema Bank customer withdraw money from the ATM without the ATM card? You can withdraw money from your Wema bank account without an ATM card using the Wema Bank USSD Transfer Code and the Wema Bank ALAT […]

How to withdraw money from the ATM without ATM card

Have you ever gone to an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and see card-less withdrawal? You might wonder how cardless withdraw works. Cardless withdrawal enables you withdraw money from an ATM machine without your ATM card. At the moment GT Bank, Wema Bank, UBA, Union Bank, Fidelity Bank and Zenith Bank offers cardless withdrawal service for […]

How to apply for Google Adsense

Most people sometimes thinks that they can start earning from their blogging sites once they have created. However, that’s not true, because you can’t just earning immediately from the blog without going through the necessary process of monetizing the site first. As a new blogger, you need to apply for Google Adsense on your blog […]

How To Get Loan Without Collateral In Nigeria

If you are a businessmen or intend to venture into a business, you might need a loan to make due for the shortages in the capital needed for your business. Which boils down to this question; • How can I get a loan without collateral in Nigeria? • Which financial institutions can give loan without […]

How to start a cleaning company in Nigeria

Nowadays, a lot of people who are creative create a lot of magic in form of business or services and the cleaning services is not left out. Although before now this cleaning service wasn’t a lucrative business because most people felt like that they can do their cleaning themselves not until big industries started coming […]